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Why are digital files so expensive?

I get this question a lot, here is your answer:  Digital files are the negatives.  Without the digital file you have no photograph, so of course they will cost more.  Think of it this way, digital files are "the store", you go to the store to buy your prints and collages.  If you had wanted to buy the store, it would cost more.,  I do not sell unedited files and  I do not sell raw files.

I will sell you a large printable jpeg file accompanied by a small jpeg file for social media.  You can take the Large jpeg files and print them thousands of times, send them to thousands of people.  

10% OFF
April 25/24

SMALL Resolution DIGITAL files, these are jpegs, and NOT a large format for printing, about 200-400kb, perfect for social medias of all kinds and emailing, and digital frames.  $20 each file.

To order, please email  I need to know if you want a print, collage or digital.  Then I need to know what the print size is for prints and collages, and for a collage how many images you want in it, and if you want text. (text, such as dates etc, are free).  I will then email you a price.  You can etransfer to the same email address.  Collage proofs are always emailed to you before printing for your approval.  
Shipping will apply if your address is not in Olds, I can drop items off or you can pick them up in Bowden.

Olds skaters that were in Wonderland have had their photos added, as well as solo dress photos from photo night.
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