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Winter Wonderland

Welcome to the photo albums for each skater that attended the Winter Wonderland.  Each flight has it's own album, You can find your the albums through the drop down menu.

Albums match the program.
ALL CREATIVE PHOTOS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO YOUR FIRST SKATE, if creative was your only skate then the flight will have an album.

Ordering: email what you want to order & 
I will email you back a price.


Prints, Collages and Digital files.

*All prints and digital files and collages are fully edited (straightened, cropped etc) AFTER purchase.  Etransfers can be sent to

*Collages to the left were created from last years Wonderland.

*Collages can be created with one skaters photos or if you have more than one skater they can all be put in the same collage. 

*Exact copies are 50% less and any text on the collage, such as the date and skaters name and skating club are free.  Collages are prints only, NOT sold in digital format. 

*Digital files start at $50 and come in a large resolution for printing and a small resolution for social media.  Price will be reduced for larger quantities of digital files ordered.

***Why are digital files so expensive?  Look at it this way: Digital files are the store, prints and collages are the products you can buy in the store, but if you want to buy the whole store, then it costs more. They can be printed and emailed as much as you want, i do not get "royalties" every time you use the photo. 

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